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Selling a car to LOFI Motors is Quick & Easy

Whether you are buying a car from LOFI Motors or selling one, process is very quick. To find out how much you will get for your car, please fill out the Trade Form. 

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When trading in your car to LOFI Motors Auto, it’s important to bring all sets of car keys, the owner’s manual, and any service records you have. This can help us accurately assess the value of your car. If you have any other questions or need further information, please contact us directly at your LOFI Motors Location nearest to you! 

Trade Form

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Selling a car to LOFI Motors is Quick & Easy

We buy high-quality used cars here at LOFI Motors. Do you have a vehicle to sell? We’d love to give you a free estimate on your trade-in vehicle when you fill out our online form. This is the best way to quickly find out how much your vehicle is worth in Corpus Christi. 

Contact LOFI Motors for all of your automotive needs, from used car sales and trade-ins for financing questions or vehicle maintenance. You can contact us via phone or in person, or scroll down to send us a message online. We’d love to see you at our dealership in Corpus Christi.
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